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Disclaimer. This article is written for educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional help. This topic is only mentioned to spark ideas and is not covered in depth. Furthermore, EDL encourages research an effective health plan personally catered to you.

 EDL will recommend using a health system and will provide one too. This health system will make you healthier if used properly. Next we will list some healthy foods to incorporate in your diet. Finally we will emphasize how important it is to maintain good health throughout your lifetime. Our article will not be another eat right and exercise sales pitch. Instead a majority of our time will be spent on the “health system” and why it is so important. Your mindset is they key to success. The way you think will determine, for the most part, how you behave. In the end the choices you make daily are guided by your mindset.

 The first part to the health system is contemplation or thinking about doing something. Now we realize the “thinking” part is on a spectrum. Some people think about doing something halfway. Other people go all out. Which one are you? Is your health worth more?

 The Second step is preparation. By now you have determined you are going to make changes. Now is time to get organized and plan on how to take action. Proper preparation is a very important step. It is the foundation. A solid foundation is needed to build. Sure preparation takes time and effort, but your health should be something worth focusing on.

 The Third step is action. Its time to carry out your plan. You have thought about it, planned it, now just do it. This step is the fun part. You actually get to physically carry out your plan. There is no more mental time and effort put into preparation. The physical part is this action step. If you do it your health will thank you.

 The final step in this process is maintenance. The hard work is over. Now we have to maintain what we have done. As with many things in life things change. Your health plan should adapt with you. Remember to be reasonable. For instance if you have multiple events to attend one week you probably cannot get to and do every health conscious thing that week. So many times health plans fail because people have unreasonable expectations.  As humans we cannot do everything. EDL reminds you to be reasonable and add to your health plan when possible.

 In summary the health plan briefly discussed has four elements listed below.





 EDL recommends incorporating the following foods in your health plan diet

fruits, vegetables, fat free or low fat dairy, seafood, lean meats, eggs, beans, nuts, and seeds

In addition, having a good health plan throughout your life is vitally important. It will help you stay healthier. Meaning you will have a decreased chance of illness, more energy, and ultimately this health plan will help you live longer. EDL strives to help and we hope this brief article sparked your interest enough to be healthy too.

 *U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, (2013). Changing your habits: Steps to better health. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases,08-6444,1-8

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