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Financial Help: Low Income Recipients

Gloria B. SD: EDL Member

   I have always worked throughout my entire life so the position I am in is unfamiliar. I am 58 years old and find

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  • What does Elderly or Disabled Living do?
  • Elderly or Disabled Living provides possible financial help to lower income elderly or disabled individuals, “if chosen” through our programs.
    • In addition we offer many resources too. We believe "positive mental health" is a key factor to living a healthy complete life, and that finances aren't everything.
  •  Financial Recipients are notified at the end of each month. Please check your email inbox or junk folder for updates. Our social media page will contain updates too.
  • Please visit this webpage to learn more, HERE or visit our senior page Here. THANKS.

Financial Help



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You may register for Free in two steps. First, submit the form below. Then email us your situation After both steps have been completed, you are registered for Free. All individuals who register for Free are entered in our public database. There are four chances to receive financial assistance with this program: January, April, July, and October.


Submit an Application 

You may also choose to submit an application for formal review in addition to registering for Free. You do not have to. The choice is yours. Our application program increases your chances of receiving financial assistance. Applicants are considered for at least eight months in a calendar year: January, April, July, October + February, May, August, and November


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In addition to our other programs, you may choose to join our Membership program too. Benefits include quarterly $300 giveaways to one member, unlimited chances to receive assistance (meaning you can receive the $300 giveaway more than once if chosen), private member database (not public), access to our newsletters, and BEST OF ALL your situation will be considered for as long as you maintain an active membership..

Elderly or Disabled Living

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