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  • Rachel Schoonover on June 30, 2015

Rachel Schoonover on June 30, 2015

I am the single mother of the most awesome 7 y/o boy in the world. God just chose to make him a little different and he was born with special needs that affect him both cognitively and physically. However, I know that where we are in life could potentially be so much worse, so I remain grateful for the blessing that I have been given. My little guy does however require constant weekly treatments and therapies in order for him to maintain all the growth he has made. These weekly “nothing but absolutely necessary” treatments has limited my availability; thus allowing me to only work part time. Much of which I do from home. Consequently, due to my inability to earn full time income, I have fallen on difficult times that I simply don’t have the monetary means to fix. As I am a person not very familiar with the assistance, if any, available I started researching help online and stumbled across this website. I decided to share my situation and was amazed when I actually received a response; a quick and charismatic response at that. Not only will the very fast offer I received obviously help w/ my hard ship but personally experiencing such a priceless reminder that humanity does still exist is about as equivalent in wealth to me as the actual assistance itself. Seeing that someone who doesn’t live your life or know the true daily struggles you endure; cares enough to extend an offering hand is an invaluable token of the good that remains in this world. I will forever be grateful and indebted to the Elderly or Disabled Living charity and promise to pay your kindness forward when times allow.

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