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Money Tip

We will only mention one way to start saving. Creating an ongoing savings plan takes discipline and responsibility. Its unrealistic to think a person can save everything they have. Some can, but most can’t. For those who have a hard time saving, start little. Try saving an equal amount for non essential items. For instance if you buy ice cream put the same amount you spent on ice cream in savings. Little by little that savings account will grow. Money will be in that account when you need it or fall on hard times.

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About EDL

Our mission at Elderly or Disabled Living is to provide help to the ones who need it. EDL’s way of helping others is to assist financially or by providing  resources. Moreover, EDL was created with helping others in mind. Caring for others maybe a little harder to find nowadays, but it is still here and alive. It's just harder to find. We are here for you.