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San Marcos TX

San Marcos Electric Utility (SMEU) program offers assistance twice a year.  Assistance cannot be granted within 6 months of each other though. An application is required and the program runs from October through September, yearly. The application is three pages and ask basic questions like how many people live in your household or it asks for copies of your electric bill, etc. If you are struggling financial and live in this area this program might be right for you. More information can be obtained by calling (512) 878-2542 Ext. 33.

James Pino

About EDL

Our mission at Elderly or Disabled Living is to provide help to the ones who need it. EDL’s way of helping others is to assist financially or by providing  resources. Moreover, EDL was created with helping others in mind. Caring for others maybe a little harder to find nowadays, but it is still here and alive. It's just harder to find. We are here for you.

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