Mental Health and Sleep



   Sleep is really important for our physical and mental health. It’s when our bodies repair themselves. Our brains consolidate memories and learn new things.

   We all need different amounts of sleep depending on age, genetics, and lifestyle factors like diet or exercise level. How much sleep we need is debatable. Only you know what works best for you.

   It is suggested that we get 5-7 hours of sleep "each" night, but we all know it can be hard to achieve that many hours of sleep on a consistent basis. Even if you get the recommended amount of sleep, it matters how much REM sleep you get throughout the night. Not just the overall time you spend sleeping.

REM sleep

   As stated, REM sleep is very important for each individual to get. However, it is something mostly out of our control. Unfortunately, we cannot force ourselves or tell ourselves to get REM sleep. The best we can do is try to set ourselves up for more REM sleep by taking steps throughout the day that encourage us to sleep well. If we get it or not depends on multiple factors, most of which we cannot control.


   Its very easy for people to say "just get some sleep." Actually being able to sleep, getting the proper amount of sleep, and getting enough REM sleep is difficult, to say the least, especially with a busy schedule. Please do not stress if you cannot sleep well or if you cannot meet all the sleep recommendations. Meeting little goals here and there is progress and makes a difference. Everyone is different. Embrace who you are and your capabilities

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