Mental Health and PTSD

   PTSD is usually caused when someone experiences or witnesses a terrifying event. This condition may last a long time too. This mental illness can be debilitating depending on what happened and how many triggers a person has a day, week, or month. Each time a trigger occurs in life, they will experience this negative event over and over.

   Moreover, Triggers can occur several times a day or occasionally one trigger can be significant to the individual and impact their daily routine for weeks. If any of these scenarios happen, this condition will develop into mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. Additionally, many other mental health conditions can develop to as well as addictions. It is common for individuals with PTSD to numb the pain and try to forget these awful memories.

If I have PTSD, what can I do to improve my mental health.

   The answer is it depends. Some people can take medication to lessen your symptoms. However as most of us are aware that medication doesn’t effectively work all the time. Another option would be to lessen the environmental triggers that occur in daily life. This assumes you know what the triggers are and you can stop them from happening.          Probably not going to happen. One of the best ways to prevent PTSD from developing into other mental health conditions is to cope with the terrifying event and accept that it happened. This is not easy to do but can help improve symptoms which in turn will improve your mental health. If you can control the way you feel about an event, then the less control it will have over your mental health. Nothing will entirely rid illness. However it can be controlled enough to prevent other mental illnesses from developing in some individuals.

James Pino


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