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Here at EDL, we believe that no one should be worried about being able to pay bills or rent when they are too disabled to work, especially those with limited incomes. The average monthly living expenses, including rent, food, and other necessities, cost low income individuals more than a third of their income. Living in poverty can cause multiple health problems, such as depression, and it significantly increases the chances of suffering from disease. Helping low income individuals monthly. Join our Community Today! *You must be chosen to receive financial help.

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BENEFITs include


  • 45 Senior Living Resources
  • 45 Mental Health Resources
  • Mental wellness Page 
  • Access to our Medication Pages
  • Senior Resource Page

websites & More

  • Elderly or Disabled Living Blog 
  • Health and recipe website 
  • Resource housing website 
  • Income Assistance Resource Page
  • Elderly or Disabled Living Points



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This means, you can get updates on the status of your application, you get your own webpage with the ability to contact EDL staff via comments, you get the ability to earn account points, you get resources, and more...

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*Must be chosen to receive financial assistance*

Please remember each program EDL offers and choose the right one for you. You may always Register for Free only. However, Formal Applications will be considered first in applicable months.

The Low income application may provide financial help in the months of January, April, July, October +  February, May, August, and November 

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Formal Application Program Benefits

Once you submit a your formal application fee, you will have access to all the above on one page. Access means you will be redirected to the correct benefit website saving you time and effort. This website is similar to a guide steering you in the right direction. There is so much information out there now a days, it helps to go down the right path without spending days on one thing. Thus, multiple resources will be provided to you on one page.

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