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  • Lorie F FL.: EDL Member December 2021

Lorie F FL.: EDL Member December 2021

   " You never realize until your health is failing how much you would appreciate good days. I have had my health failing for some time now. I love life I love the gardening and walks in the park. My body will no longer allow me to do these things. I have Marfan syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, 4th stage osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple severe spine problems from neck to tail. I am degenerating because of Marfan syndrome which makes all the other conditions amplified. I have lost half my bone density and I'm now losing soft tissue.

   I was so excited to hear hospice was going to come in and help but got quickly disappointed because they do not take my Medicaid. EDL is an angel that swooped in when no one else cared about this soul and saw fit to help me. I cannot tell you enough gratitude for the feeling I have from someone caring for me. I have felt so lonely and it was very hard to navigate the system who would ever think that you could be denied hospice I didn't.

   The most important thing I want to express is the gratitude for EDL stepping in and thinking that I matter and making me feel I do. God bless EDL for their kindness empathy and a heart that God would be proud of.”

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