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  • Jennifer Clark on February 2, 2015

Jennifer Clark on February 2, 2015

Hello there!!!! I became disabled almost 10 years ago. I contracted MRSA at the gym I belong to. the MRSA got inside my bloodstream and went septic. soon after, I became paralyzed for a year, I had 16 strokes, 4 aneurysms, I underwent 2 brain surgeries as well. Life has not been easy since then. Thanks to James Pino, he was the FIRST man/organization that has ever reached out to help me. Although I am homeless, I have great confidence that the fundraiser money James is having for me will come through. This money may be able to give me enough money to use as a down payment in order to get into a place so that I will have a roof over my head!!! Thanks again James and thank you to EDL.

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