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  • The Clason Family on November 10, 2015

The Clason Family on November 10, 2015

Our young, autistic child went through a catastrophic event . This horrific event sparked a chain reaction that has devastated our family. With the subsequent hospitalizations, therapies, doctors and on-going trauma, I lost my job. Caring for my disabled wife and our child is an honor and a privilege but it makes it nearly impossible to obtain employment when I must have the ability to go home at a moment’s notice. We are surviving (barely) on disability and what little I can bring in through my repair shop. After applying for help from and being turned down by every organization, church, and center we could locate, we received word that EDL intended to help us. EDL has restored our hope in life, people, and what can be such a cold, cold world. Without help from EDL, we would not have made it this month. Our hearts are full of gratitude, our hope is renewed, and we are greatly blessed today because of EDL. Words cannot adequately express our thanks but we humbly offer our, “Thank You,” nonetheless.

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