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Brain Health

Brain Health

There are many areas of the brain that can be benefited by playing video games. Family Time with GrandparentsCognitive functions like attention can be improved. For example in “shooter” video games a person must stay alert at all times and constantly analyze their environment.* This can be very beneficial for brain health. Other benefits  include: cognitive benefits, motivational benefits, social benefits, and emotional benefits. However please keep in mind that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Read more on our EDL News website…

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Our mission at Elderly or Disabled Living is to provide help to the ones who need it. EDL’s way of helping others is to assist financially or by providing  resources. Moreover, EDL was created with helping others in mind. Caring for others maybe a little harder to find nowadays, but it is still here and alive. It's just harder to find. We are here for you.