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Elderly or Disabled Living offers three low income financial assistance programs. Carefully choose which one is right for you,  if any?. Financial recipients will be notified by the end of the month. Please check your email inbox or junk mail, our social media page, and website for updates.  Unfortunately, we cannot help everyone.THANKS

1)   Register for FREE


- 4 chances to receive financial assistance from EDL

-January, April, July, and October

-Subscribe to our new YouTube channel for 10 account points


-To be formally reviewed by EDL, the low income application fee of $5 is due after submission.
-Applications are considered for at least 24 months.
 -8 chances to receive assistance from EDL.

-January, April, July, October +  February, May, August, and November

Register for FREE + Application

-Subscribe to our new Youtube channel for updates and points

3)     Membership $5

-Elderly or Disabled Membership is for a Lifetime.There is No ongoing fee.

-Each quarter we giveaway $300 to one EDL Member.

-Unlimited chances to receive our giveaway, meaning you can receive it more than once.

-Access to our Newsletter database

-Member recipients are chosen from a private members only database.

-Consideration to receive financial help all year long.

Financial Recipients 

Dana G. PA: Register for Free & Application

August 2020. I am lost for words right now I would like to thank Elderly Disabled Living for


Charles A M. : SC. Register for Free & Application

July 2020. I want to thank you all so much at Elderly or Disabled Living for your help


Susan M. TX EDL Member & Points

I am forever grateful for Elderly or Disabled Living. It's hard to pay my utilities working part time


Holly H. FL: Register for Free, Points, & Application

May 2020. I want to thank you elderly or disabled living. At a time in need, you came


Financial Recipient Jim T.: WI Register for Free & Points April 2020.

"It has been exceedingly difficult to pay bills during this time. Its hard to ask for help. I


Financial Recipient EDL Member March 2020

Cheryl T. EDL Member & PointsI cannot thankĀ  Elderly or Disabled Living enough for the funds. It has


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