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Some seniors are in fine financial shape. They were able to work at their job for many years, had (401Ks), inherited funds, and/or have their homes paid off, etc... However, there is another group of seniors in an entirely different financial situation. Through no fault of their own must, they must rely on Social security benefits alone to survive. Social Security benefits represent about 33% of the income of the elderly.* The average Social Security monthly benefit for those 65 and older is $1,262.* This number is just an estimate, and there are many individuals who receive much less per month. Throughout this page, we will link to resources that might help you save money.

Breakdown starting point: $1,262*

  • Personal Insurance and Pensions: 5.1% - $64
  • Healthcare: 13.2% - $166
  • Transportation: 14.2% - $179
  • Housing: 35.4% - $441
  • Food: 12.4% - $156
  • Other: 19.7% - $248



For most seniors, housing consists of at least 30% of their social security income. As the list show above, that does not leave a lot of money to live on. The lists below include links to housing information and resources that might help you save money. 



  • Privately owned Subsidized apartments. Apartment complex agrees to be paid from the Public Housing Authority. You are Not responsible
  • Section 8 - Housing Choice Voucher. You "are" responsible to find housing with your voucher
  • Public Housing Apartments
  • Public Housing Authorities: PHA

Affordable Housing

Finding cheap affordable housing usually comes at a cost. Location, crime, maintenance, etc... will probably be problematic. The solutions to these problems is costly too. We suggest weighing these problems and pay accordingly. For instance you might pay more to live in a more secure area. However for some people living in a secure area is not a priority. So their living conditions and payments will be different. Hopefully you can use the resources on this page or find other resources that save you time an money.


Medical insurance is expensive and is another big expense for seniors. Medicare can be great when doctors take medicare(HMO, PPO). However even if a Doctor takes medicare, your prescription drugs probably are not covered unless you have medicare part D, which is another expense. We suggest the following: Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a program offered through medicare that might help you financially.What is PACE? It  is a Medicare and Medicaid program that helps people meet their health care needs in the community instead of going to a nursing home or other care facility. So how can this program help me save money? By meeting your health care needs in the community. No nursing home or care facility. Please click the PACE link below to learn more.



Affordable health insurance

Healthcare is another big expense. Knowing yourself and what you need matters a lot. Even knowing yourself and what you need may not be enough though. Making the most with what you have is sometimes the best you can do. If healthcare was your only concern you probably could get one of the best plans out there. Unfortunately it is not. There are multiple factors that go into the decisions we make not just one. Thus, we have put together some resources on this page in hope that they might be helpful to you.

Supplemental Income

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What is Supplemental Income?

It is designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people, who have little or no income. In 2020, the Federal Benefit Rate (FBR) for SSI is $783 per month for individuals and $1,175 for couples.* The money this program provides aims to satisfy the most basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. If you rely on Social Security alone to survive each month, then you probably need another source of income.

As stated above, Social Security only goes so far. Relying on that income alone the rest of your life might be very stressful.  As such we provided information on eligibility and how to apply to this income program.

How to Apply?

You may apply for supplemental income in many different ways including online, in person, representative, or by phone. How or if you apply is up to you. If your tech savy and are able to meet a lot of requirements then applying online maybe the best option for you. It has been our experience that applying in person is the best-most efficient way. There are many documents needed and many papers to fill out. We will begin to list some of the steps below and provide some helpful links for you to start this process, if wanted. 


You may apply online through the social security disability form located here.


You may apply by phone. 

Call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


You may also apply in person. Here is the link to find an office near you.



Any one who is 65 or older, blind, or disabled and who has limited income, has limited resources,  is a U.S. citizen, etc... It is crucial for you to understand the special terminology provided by social security. For instance "limited income" or "blind." Here is a breakdown of some of those terms and more. HERE. If you have no other means of income, then this program might be right for you. Please check your eligibility Here.

Financial Help

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After submitting this form, please send us an email about your situation. If chosen to receive financial help for the month, you will be notified. In addition, all financial recipients will be announced at the end of the month via email, our Facebook page, and Google. 

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