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Giving financial support to low income individuals " if chosen" since 2013.

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Formal Applications receive consideration for 12 applicable months and have their own database. You will receive your own personal page and you will receive many resources via email too. Then, will have total access to our health website and client website too. *Again, you may always register for free. You do not have to join the formal application program unless you want the benefits that come with it.

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Low income applications may provide financial help in the months of January, April, July, October +  February, May, August, and November.

*No matter what since 2013 at least one different individual has received financial help from us each month and we will keep doing so in the future too.


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Consideration for 12 months

Your application will be reviewed for 12 applicable months. Subscriptions can be renewed after 12 months.  Cancel anytime.

Access to our Health and Client Website

Our health website offers multiple easy recipes and multiple tips. With this information staying healthy is within reach.

Application Database

Formal Application clients are considered within their own database. Not from a public database like the register for free program.


Multiple resources including webpages, website, and a PDF.


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What our customers are saying:

My situation has changed...

Excellent no other words can tell you how helpful you are. Its very difficult to pay my bills now that my life situation has changed. Thank you again Elderly or Disabled Living.

Kim W. //  PA.

We struggle to make it all the time...

Thank you so much for the financial help this month. Medical bills and prescriptions costs have made us fall behind. It is very hard to live off a small fixed income. We struggle to make it all the time and can never get ahead. Adding to our problem living costs keep rising. A little financial help goes a long way. Thank you again to the people at Elderly or Disabled Living.

Denise S. //  TN.

Difficult to pay bills...

“It has been exceedingly difficult to pay bills during this time. Its hard to ask for help. I have never been in this situation before in my life. Thank you Elderly or Disabled Living, for providing me with some financial help. At least this month, I can pay a couple of bills. “

JIM T.  //  WI.

I am on Disability...

I am so grateful and blessed as EDL organization and group and such has helped me and family this month and we can now afford the bills a little easier this month when they are due. I am on a mental health disability and my son has a brain damage disability and we are so happy and grateful for the help we received from you guys and ill give back when I can as well. Such a blessing to our family we can now buy diapers and gas and put money on our rent bill thank you again so much."

Krista b.  //  NC.

JAMES PINO//  Founder

The founder of EDL personally knows how far help can go. In the middle of law school, 2010, he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. He had to relearn how to do the most basic activities like walking or talking.

With self determination and help from therapy and the department of assistive and rehabilitative services (DARS), he graduated law school and created this nonprofit. Without help, he firmly believes things would have turned out much different. That is why EDL wants to help. We know firsthand how much of a difference it makes.

Our mission at Elderly or Disabled Living is to provide help to the ones who need it. EDL’s way of helping others is to assist financially or by providing  resources. Please Help Us Help Others. 

James Pino


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August 30, 2023

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Having low income for whatever reason is always difficult. Each month bills keep coming in. It seems like your head is always struggling just to stay above the water. Just squeaking by each month. That is where we come in and provide financial help for a month,  if chosen. Unfortunately, we cannot financially help everyone. However if you are chosen, the financial help we offer will help you rest easier for that month. Many clients have benefited from our assistance over the years and continue to do so.

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James Pino