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" Who we are 

We are a team trying to create hope. Moreover we envision a world where we support and help each other. 

Our charity not only provides financial support to those in need, but we also provide resources like the one on this page. 

EDL was created to remind us that there are good people in the world who want and try to help."

Elderly or Disabled Living

Non-Profit Organization

What Our Customers Are Saying

Stellar B.- Pennsylvania

I receive disability, I do not have enough for basic means like internet or trash, definitely not any insurance outside of Medicare. This causes such stress & pressure on me every day of my life. But because of the compassion of those at EDL, I have an emergency need...

Lorene P. - Atlanta 

I appreciate the help and want to express my gratitude to Elderly or Disabled Living. The EDL organization has been a blessing to me by giving me the help I needed.  I am 83 years old and my source of income is limited...

Krista B. - North Carolina

I am so grateful and blessed as EDL organization and group and such has helped me and family this month and we can now afford the bills a little easier this month when they are due. I am on a mental health disability and my son has a brain damage disability and we are so happy and grateful for the help we received from you guys and ill give back when I can as well...