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Traumatic Brain Injury

This months newsletter will cover TBI's. Links and recommendations will be provided. Please click below to learn more. As always, we hope this information helps you or a loved one. Our end goal is to help provide you with multiple resources for recovery. Previous financial recipient posts have been included too.
*We have also included some of our previous posts.*

   I have always worked throughout my entire life so the position I am in is unfamiliar. I am 58 years old and find myself unemployed for the first time in my life. My ADHD and Anxiety is getting worse for me each year. It is to a

Gloria B. SD: EDL Member

   Mental health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being, impacting how individuals think, feel, and act. An often overlooked yet critical facet of mental health is impulsive behavior. Impulsivity, described as the tendency to act on whims without considering repercussions, is a multifaceted construct that can manifest in

Mental Health and Impulsive Behavior

  The current knowledge about Parkinson's and treatment options, though extensive, is far from comprehensive. Groundbreaking research into light-controlled Kalium channelrhodopsins could potentially revolutionize our understanding of this disease and the development of new treatments.Exploring the Role of Light-Controlled Kalium Channelrhodopsins in Parkinson's Research   Channelrhodopsins are a type

Parkinson’s and Kalium Channelrhodopsins

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