Pennsylvania Penelec (PCAP)

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Assistance Program for low income

PCAP is designed to help income "qualified" residential customers keep their electric service and reduce their past-due balance too. PCAP-Pennsylvania Customer Assistance Program.

Here is how the program could benefit you:

  • Automatic enrollment in the Equal Payment Plan, which helps you avoid seasonal high and low bills
  • A monthly credit toward the electric bill
  • A one-time opportunity to have the current account balance set aside for forgiveness
  •  An opportunity to reduce electricity consumption through our WARM program- FirstEnergy’s limited income energy education and conservation program

Reduce past due balance

   Upon  enrollment into PCAP, a customer’s account balance is set aside for forgiveness.

   Forgiveness credits will reduce this balance by 1/36 each month the customer pays the bill in full.

Reduce Electricity Usage 

   To participate in PCAP, you must also participate in the WARM program, if eligible. This program provides home energy improvements and education to help low-income customers save money.


  • Must have an active residential electric account.
  • Must have a gross household income* at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty level
  • Must provide annual verification of income and identification of all household members.
  • Must participate in LIHEAP and WARM, if eligible
  • The person whose name is on the account must live in the home, etc...

The resources provided on this page are for informational purposes only. However some of the programs mentioned might help. Please review each program and choose one right for you in your situation. 

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