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When shopping this holiday season, donate $1 to charity during your online checkout process using PayPal. Learn More Below.

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*Three Options to choose from can be found on this page*

Option One: Donate Directly By Using The Thrive Donate Form Or Donate Directly On The PayPal Giving Fund Page.


Option Two: Donate $1 during online checkout by selecting EDL as your "Favorite" Charity (PayPal Page)


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How to donate On THE PayPal Giving Fund Page!



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    Click button below to visit the giving fund page
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    Enter "Elderly or Disabled Living" in the search bar
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    Click the search button


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    Click button below to directly visit this page
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    Scroll down to select our charity profile.
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    Click on donate


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    Click button below to directly visit our charity PayPal Page
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    Click the donate button
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    Select any amount you desire. Thank You.



*Elderly or Disabled Living must also be selected as your "favorite" charity in order to donate $1 during your online checkout.

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Here’s what client's are saying about our Nonprofit Charity!

The Elderly or Disabled Living Charity provides real help. Unfortunately, we cannot help everyone. Some individuals do get mad and say negative things about us if they are not chosen. However, all the negativity is worth it to help someone in need and struggling. Our work is based on the helping principle, not based on a reward system. Moreover our charity receives intrinsic value  for the work we do and that is enough for us.

Wanda B.

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"This extra financial assistance was right on time"

" I was so thankful when I received an email from EDL to say I had been chosen to receive assistance. This extra financial assistance was right on time because I had a leak in my bathroom and the water bill was higher than usual.  I didn’t know how I was going to pay the bill; and now with your help, I can pay the water bill, put some gas in my car and buy a few groceries..."

Norma JT.

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"The money helps us get caught up on utilities bills" 

"This money will be toward helping us get caught up in utilities bills we have accumulated in these past months..."

Janalynn A.

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"...it's a great deal to me. I live on Social security disability and my life is fixed to that income monthly."

"...These funds will also help pay for prescriptions that I struggle to pay each month. I cannot thank you enough, even when you say it's a small amount.. it's a great deal to me. I live on Social security disability and my life is fixed to that income monthly..."

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Helping Low Income Individuals

EDL has been in business since 2013. We are able to continue helping others because of your support and the support of others.  Although we cannot help everyone, our staff works hard everyday to provide resources and help to the ones who need it. Want to know more about us? Click Here


Elderly or Disabled Living