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Find resources that may help you with future income. 

Information on Alzheimer's mental disease

Learn more about about  the mental illness Schizophrenia.

Learn more about Post traumatic stress disorder. 


Harry S. TX. EDL Member & Points December 2019

"Most months its difficult to get by and pay bills. Having little to no money all the time is stressful. This month we do not have to worry as much. Thank you for the help Elderly or Disabled Living and Merry Christmas."

Elderly or Disabled Living Member & Points Edith L. GA Sept. 2019

"I am a disabled senior who lives on a fixed income. I am the caregiver for my granddaughter.I struggling to buy her things for school and each month I pay a little on utility keep them going. Thanks to Elderly or Disabled Living for your support"

John B. Elderly or Disabled Living Member & Points June 2019

"All my life it has been hard to find true help. I have applied to so many places over the years and have been denied by most of them too. There is always some excuse for “why” they can’t help me. Thank you and God bless..."


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