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Elderly or Disabled Living's Mission is to help low income individuals live a better life throughout the United States by providing financial assistance and resources. Each month we provide at least one low income individual with financial assistance. *Unfortunately we cannot help everyone.* Please support our cause by shopping with Amazon Smile this holiday season. .05% of each purchase automatically goes to support our charity. No extra cost to you.

The steps to create an account are listed below. Its Easy!!!


Create an Account #1

Visit Smile.Amazon and click "create your account!" Next, you will be redirected to another page where you will enter in your name, email, password, re-enter password, then click create account. That's it. Your account is setup. Examples of each page are provided below. In addition, the amazon smile link is provided at the bottom of the page too. *Please keep your username and password for your records*


(Optional) Enter in Security Code #2

After you register/sign-in you "can" receive a security code via text on your phone or you may choose not too. The choice is yours.


Select Charity and Shop #3

After you have signed-in on the main page, please pick our charity to support in the upper left hand side of your screen (underneath the  search box at the top). Then, shop like normal.

 Amazon Smile is almost the same thing as Amazon. The difference is you can support a charity with each purchase on Amazon Smile. On Amazon you cannot.  

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