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Our Story!

EDL is based on the helping principle. In modern times, it may seem like most people are only self interested and caring for others is a thing of the past. With a world overrun with technology, there isn’t much time to think or care for others. Here at EDL, we want to remind you that humanity and kindness are still alive and well. It’s just a little harder to find.

The founder of EDL personally knows how far help can go. In the middle of law school, 2010, he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. He had to relearn how to do the most basic activities like walking or talking. With self determination, help from therapy, help from friends, and the department of assistive and rehabilitative services (DARS), he graduated law school and created this nonprofit. Without this help, he firmly believes things would have turned out much different. That is why EDL wants to help. We know firsthand how much of a difference it makes.


   We also know how difficult it is to go through the day-to-day struggles of life. It is very hard to be reminded each day of what your former self could do. For me personally, it is my speech, eyesight, ability to think, tremors, and energy level. These areas are just not what they used to be at all. Everyday I am reminded about those things when I interact with people especially, when my energy level runs low as the day progresses. To give you an example, My speech becomes more and more slurred and to add to my speech frustrations it is increasingly difficult to think. Even if I can somehow forget those things are occurring, my eyesight rears it ugly head and never lets me forget about my troubles. My head needs to be tilted or my eyesight separates into two images. My eyesight makes it is extremely hard to read. Furthermore, my tremors make it hard to write too. Words become unrecognizable because they are so squiggly. These obstacles are so Frustrating to deal with each day. Now, I realize many people, unfortunately, live a life much more difficult and have things much worse. However, my overall point is to let you know, I know what it is like to be reminded of your disabilities daily. To be reminded each day of what things used to be like.

What we do

Our mission at Elderly or Disabled Living is to provide help to the ones who need it the most. EDL’s way of helping others is to assist  financially or by providing  resources. Please Help Us Help Others if you can.  Also, we encourage you to visit our testimonial page of this website to read the stories from people who have been helped by EDL.

***PLEASE REMEMBER: EDL cannot Financially help everyone. Multiple factors are considered when choosing who to help for the month. Please do not be offended or disappointed if you are not chosen. TIP: When looking for help, multiple resources should be considered. Not just one. EDL is an online organization. Please no phone calls.***

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*If you do not get our process or if you did not receive our emails, no problem. Just contact us via the comments on the "new clients" page (located at the top of this page in the menu section).

Gwendolyn M. CA. EDL Member

"God bless you EDL for your generous giveaway. Words are inadequate to express how you’ve warmed my heart. EDL made it possible for me to pay a few bills I and buy nutritional food. I am 64 years old living on a fixed income..."

Tara N. TX.  Free and Application

"Thank you EDL for being the ONLY organization that was able to assist my Elderly & Disabled Mother, Susan, with a very expensive move. Your help is a huge blessing and a God-send!"

Shannon C. IL. Free and Application

"It has really been difficult for me the past few months, while adjusting to living life with a spinal cord injury and with limited resources for help during this time. I am in disbelief- that Elderly and Disabled Living would step up for me..."

Constance S. TX.  EDL Member

"You are a wonderful and grateful blessing to me and my household. I prayed for an answer to help me with unexpected utility bills. Paying those bills meant less food on the table. I am so joyful..."





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  • Please do not have false hope. We cannot financially help everyone nor can we help everyone's situation either!