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we can finally get enough propane to heat our house....

"Winter is coming and thanks to the people at EDL, we can finally get enough propane to heat our house. It has been a very, very difficult year and finances have come up short most of the time. I am grateful that there are organizations out there like this one that help people like me. Thank you!"

JOHN S. //  MT.


I want to thank you all so much at Elderly or Disabled Living for your help you don’t know how much this to means to me and my daughter. This is an answer to our prayers. We will be eternally grateful for your loving kindness to help us in our time of need. This truly is a blessing for us. Now I’ll be able to buy my daughter some new school clothes without worrying if the bills are going to be paid on time. Thank you and God bless



I am so grateful and blessed as EDL organization and group and such has helped me and family this month and we can now afford the bills a little easier this month when they are due. I am on a mental health disability and my son has a brain damage disability and we are so happy and grateful for the help we received from you guys and ill give back when I can as well. Such a blessing to our family we can now buy diapers and gas and put money on our rent bill thank you again so much


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