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To financially help low income elderly or disabled individuals live a better life throughout the United States by providing financial assistance and resources. *Unfortunately we cannot help everyone.*

Financial Help

“If chosen” Elderly or Disabled Living provides financial help to at least one different individual per month.


Elderly or Disabled Living incorporates helpful resources on its social media pages and newsletter website.


Elderly or Disables Living provides informational newsletters that might help you each month on our newsletter website.  

About Us

Elderly or Disabled Living

Providing Financial Help Monthly

Recently, EDL has helped financial recipients with school attire, Covid-19 related medications, therapy, moving expenses, and rent. Thanks to client support and the support of others, we were able to help Kim, a single disabled mother, who recently lost her husband to cancer. To add to that severe pain and hardship, Kim also lost her youngest child to gun violence. She has been struggling to get by and to pay her bills each month. Fortunately, our charity was able to step in and help. We provided Kim with financial support and we connected her with other helpful resources too.


Thank you very much Elderly or Disabled Living! You have put my mind more at ease with the help that you have awarded me and my family. I will forever be grateful for your service and also for your organization being one that cares and supports us in time of need. You guys are truly awesome and I really appreciate you being there when I needed some help. Blessings to you always!

Kim B. Financial Recipient

why we do it: recent financial recipient

Financial Recipient 

Dear Elderly or Disabled Living

I am disabled due to PTSD. I also have rheumatoid arthritis. It’s hard for me to take care of my family. We are behind on our bills and our landlord wants us out or some rent money. Your help is greatly appreciated. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

Thank you

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