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To financially help low income elderly or disabled individuals live a better life throughout the United States by providing financial assistance and resources

We are different from many other financial assistance programs because there are no restrictions on what the 60money is used for, and our waiting period for financial help is shorter than most.

Elderly or Disabled Living (EDL) only provides financial help to low income senior or disabled individuals.   EDL offers Financial assistance, Resources,  and Newsletters for its services. “If chosen” to receive financial assistance, you may use the money in the best way for your situation. EDL offers three programs, one of which is Free. You may choose from the following programs below and, Yes, you may choose more than one. The choice is yours.

***Please do not have false hope, we cannot financially help everyone. You must be chosen to receive financial help.

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Mental Illness Resources


October 2020 Thank you Elderly or Disabled Living for this gift. We will finally have enough gas this winter for our utilities.

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November 2020: Dear elderly and disabled livingI am disabled due to PTSD. I also have rheumatoid arthritis. It's hard for me to

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Thank you so much for the financial help this month. Medical bills and prescriptions costs have made us fall behind. It is very hard to live off a small fixed income. We struggle to make it all the time and can never get ahead. Adding to our problem living costs keep rising...

Elderly or Disabled Living

Denise S. 



We are really on our last effort to find help. I am 80 years old and have many health problems. My daughter lives with me and we share the car. Can not afford another one. All of our money goes to doctors. We have no where else to turn. EDL showed up when we least expected help but most needed it....

Elderly or Disabled Living

Shirley H.


I consider EDL a blessing from God Almighty. Because of my wife's and my own illnesses, our finances have been drained completely. It has been a struggle for the basics and EDL shows us that there are still people who unselfishly help and it has restored our faith in humanity and gives us hope...

Elderly or Disabled Living

Gregg G.



“If chosen” Elderly or Disabled Living provides financial help to at least one different individual per month.


Elderly or Disabled Living incorporates helpful resources on its main website, newsletter website, and social media page.


Elderly or Disables Living provides informational newsletters that might help you each month on our newsletter website.  


EDL is based on the helping principle. In modern times, it may seem like most people are only self interested and caring for others is a thing of the past. With a world overrun with technology, there isn’t much time to think or care for others. Here at EDL, we want to remind you that humanity and kindness are still alive and well. It’s just a little harder to find.

The founder of EDL personally knows how far help can go. In the middle of law school, 2010, he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. He had to relearn how to do the most basic activities like walking or talking. With self determination and help from therapy and the department of assistive and rehabilitative services (DARS), he graduated law school, became a real estate agent, and created this nonprofit. Without this help, he firmly believes things would have turned out much different. That is why EDL wants to help. We know firsthand how much of a difference it makes.

Our charity can help alleviate some of the day-to-day struggles elderly or disabled individuals face by providing financial assistance. A simple thing like the placement of light switches to a non-disabled person aren’t a big deal. However to a disabled person it becomes a vitally important factor. In addition, a requirement to be on the first floor for a young adult isn’t a big deal either. Yet for an elderly person, being on the first floor is a vitally important factor. The list can keep going. Ultimately, the main point is to demonstrate that disabled or elderly individuals face additional challenges every day.

To add to the physical challenges, financial challenges arise too. Most disabled or elderly individuals are on SSI or SSDI. In other words their income, especially for housing, is extremely limited. EDL was created to provide some relief for these individuals through monetary assistance. It is EDL’s belief that with a little assistance individuals can have a chance to enjoy other things in life. For instance, instead of worrying about being able to pay their rent or mortgage, they can focus on something else that month. A little pressure can be lifted off of their shoulders. We wish we could do more to help everyone, but funds are limited and we have to be realistic.

Our mission at Elderly or Disabled Living is to provide help to the ones who need it. EDL’s way of helping others is to assist  financially or by providing much needed resources. Please Help Us Help Others. If you would like to support our cause and help, shop online and support Elderly or Disabled Living on AmazonSmile. Setup an account Today. Click Here. 

Also, we encourage you to visit the testimonial page of this website to read the stories from people who have been helped by EDL.


*Recipients will be announced at the end of the month via website, social media, and email.*
*Account points are ``one`` consideration in choosing financial recipient(s).

*Unfortunately we cannot help everyone.*

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