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Elderly or Disabled Living

ELDERLY: A person 55 years of age or older

DISABLED: Anyone determined to be disabled by the federal government, anyone who receives disability payments, or anyone who is a DARS client.

HOURS: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday 10am-7pm

***If you would like to support our cause and cannot donateyou can still contribute to our charity by clicking the arrow in the box at the bottom of the page. Just click and you are done. The more funds we raise the more assistance we can provide. Thank you for your support.***

PURPOSE:  As a nonprofit 501c3 charity, Elderly or Disabled Living’s mission is to reduce costs associated with housing. We specifically provide help to lower income elderly or disabled individuals. Elderly or Disabled Living is not a home care facility or home locating service though. EDL offers Monetary assistance, Facebook Fundraisers, programs and social media Resources for its services. “If chosen” to receive monetary assistance it includes but is not limited to the following: Dr. bills, cable, internet, health insurance, car payment, electric, rent, and mortgage. Email us today to see if we can help you.

***Again EDL’s mission is to help lower income elderly or disabled individuals. Unfortunately, EDL cannot help everyone though. Multiple factors are considered when choosing who to help for the month. Please do not be offended or disappointed if you are not chosen. TIP: When looking for help, many resources should be considered. Not just one.

EDL Supports Early Childhood Education Learn More.

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Elderly or Disabled Licing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
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EDL is a housing help service charity, so what do they do for FREE?

  • Provide possible monetary assistance to lower income elderly or disabled individuals, “if chosen.”
  • EDL offers many resources on its social media pages (Addresses located at the bottom of this page).
  • EDL is an online organization. Please no phone calls. Contact us via email.
  • Raise and contribute funds for early childhood education.

EDL has 3 programs?

  • Register for FREE program
  • Submit Application program Click Here
  • Become an EDL member program Click Here

How do I register for FREE (Program 1)?

  • Click on the register+ tab
  • Fill out required information OR
  • Register with the popup tab
  • 4 chances to receive financial assistance only
  • January, April, July, and October.

How can I get assistance by registering for FREE?

  • Register THEN
  • Email EDL your story at: edlhelpservice@gmail.com. Please include bill amount.
  • If you are “chosen” to get  assistance for that month, we will contact you via email or phone by the end of that month (please check your junk folder for emails).

How do I increase my chances of receiving help from EDL (Program 2)?

    • Register for FREE
    • Pay application fee THEN
    • Submit your application Click Here
    • 8 chances to receive financial assistance
    • January, April, July, October + February, May, August, and November

How can I increase my chances even more? (Program 3)?

  • Register for FREE
  • Pay fee and submit application THEN
  • Become an EDL member
  • 12 chances to receive financial assistance
  • January, April, July, October + February, May, August, November + March , June, September, and December

What does financial assistance mean?

  • If you are “chosen,” EDL helps pay a portion of your bill(s) or all of your bill(s) for that month.
  • No requirements, no strings, and no waitlists. As a charity, we are here to help.
  • No appointment necessary.

Do I need to be a resident of Texas to receive help?

  • No, all U.S. citizens are considered equally.

Do I qualify for assistance?

  • If you are elderly or disabled as defined by this website, Yes.
  • A definition is provided above.
  • NO help will be provided to those who don’t qualify

Can I get assistance every month?

  • No, It is not permanent.
  • A person can only receive assistance from EDL one time, once per year.

What if I don’t get chosen?

  • Re-apply, Simply email EDL again the next month at jamespino9876@gmail.com. Title your email as Re-application.


  • If you have not heard from EDL by the end of the month, please contact us on our Facebook page, twitter page, websites, or send us an email at jamespino9876@gmail.com. THANKS.
  • Monthly recipients will be posted on our websites, Facebook, and twitter pages.
  • Click Here for More FAQ’s

For more resources please visit our following  page(s).

*EDL is an online organization

EO Credentials – IRS Exempt Organization Number 46-4186130

IRS Exempt Check Link: http://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/forwardToPub78Download.do